Happy Friday ! I hope everyone had a good week back at work. For me, it was so hard to get back into my normal routine. I think I have the winter blues. Being a Florida girl it usually happens.  I have been trying to figure out what to do to snap out of it so I figure I would wear some cute florals to brighten up my day.

Call me crazy but every time I actually try and get all dress up for work it makes me feel 2o times better about myself and I have more energy. I have also wanted to share a few things I have been trying to boost my energy.

– Take all my vitamins in the morning. Especially vitamin D, iron and magnesium.

– Drink tons of water. I usually drink  about a gallon a day.

– Drink a green smoothie for breakfast.

-Blast my favorite music.

-Read an inspirational quote every morning.

-Get up, get ready, put on killer outfit and be positive about my day.

I hope some of these tips help you out. I’m really trying to stay motivated and positive about my life and career so you will be seeing a lot of that here on the blog

Anyway, I recently purchased this shirt at Nordstrom. I know it has more of a spring/fall look to it but it was on sale so it was a no brainer. The boho look is usually not my style but I’m just loving it lately.

I have linked a few options for you below. Have a great weekend y’all



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