I got the Spring fever….literally. On the first day of spring I woke up super sick and I have been pretty miserable.

Besides being sick, I have been feeling very uninspired lately and a little lost on what I want to write and share with you guys. But I am slowly starting to feel like myself again. I know feeling this way can be pretty common, but for some reason I have been a little harsh on myself and feeling like I am not good enough to blog and all this “non sense” that at some point they actually get to me.

I often feel very insecure but I have no remind myself to accept my flaws and stop comparing myself to others. Which by the way, is the worse thing you can possibly do, but it happens to the best of us.

I am not sure why I have been feeling this way lately but I thought I would share it here just in case you are feeling the same and we can encourage and support each other.

Maybe, this awful winter is  the one to blame.I am a Florida girl at heart so I think I have the winter blues.  But on the bright side, it’s finally spring so I am praying for some warm weather because I can’t wait to start shooting some cute spring fashion.

Regardless of the reason, I wanted to share a little bit of what goes inside my not so perfect world. Sometimes we get too caught up on being “perfect” or having the “perfect instagram post” that we forget about taking care of our bodies and soul. One way to feel better about an issue I am going through is by talking about. So here it is!

 Let me know if you have been through the same or you are feeling the same way. I would love to hear about it.



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  1. March 22, 2017 / 4:23 PM


    This was such a beautiful + honest post. Thank you so much for opening up and being true to who you are and what goes on in your life beyond Instagram 🙂 I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but I’ve been in a funk these past few weeks myself and was so encouraged by your post. Thanks for being you– you are so beautiful inside and out! ❤

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