Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming and so is my life.

Change can be a scary thing for many people but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and roll with it.

In the past month,  some excited things have happened in my life and I am about to share them with you guys. I decided to write this post because, often  we stop ourselves from doing something we really want because we are scared and we just rather keep our everyday routine in order to avoid the anxiety and fear that comes with change. I am guilty of that!

I am a type A and anxious person. I overthink everything in life so for me change is super hard, but lately I am trying to explore new things and go out of my comfort zone. I hope you do too.

1. Work life:

The fashion industry is very dynamic. Therefore, you are exposed to constant change. I recently moved departments in my company and at first I was so scared and frustrated to having to learn everything all over again. But now I am enjoying it very much and I realized how much I am learning and growing in my career.

2.  We are moving:

This change is going to be very hard for me but I am so excited! We have been living at our current apartment for 2 years and it has become very special to us. So having to move it was a hard decision but we are ready to start fresh in a new a bigger place (more closet space yay!) My commute to work will be a little longer but it will be worth it.

3. I bought my first car:

Yes!  I bought my first car at 24 years old. In high school I drove my mom’s car for about 3 years and since I moved to NYC for college I never had the need to get a car. Now that we live in NJ, a car is a necessity but I refused to get one for 2 years because 1. I could take a bus to work or my boyfriend would drive since we live literally 10 minutes away from my job. 2. I am terrified of driving here in NJ. People here drive like maniacs and since our last car accident I have developed major anxiety about driving. It’s very bad but I am ready to face fears and do it. So I bought a little Fiat 500 and it couldn’t be any more perfect for me.

4. I became a US citizen:

As many of you know, I was born in Ecuador and three weeks ago I became a US citizen. I had dreaded to start the process for about 6 years! Can you believe that? I was so scared of the test and honestly I think it was just pure laziness. I didn’t want to study 100 questions and deal with legal paperwork. But again, it was time to do it and it was a very seamless process for me, which I am very thankful for. The test was extremely easy so if any of you are going through the same process, I promise you will be okay. This was definitely a good change in my life, I am extremely grateful to live here and be able to pursue my dreams in a country that at first it was foreign but now I get to call home.

Now, a little bit about this spring outfit. I typically don’t like any ruffles or dramatic clothing, but I must say I am in love with this ruffle shoulder trend. I got this top at Zara but I have linked some similar tops below. Also, these mules are a must have! They are only $35 and they are super comfortable and perfect for spring.

Have you been going through any changes? I would love to hear them



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  1. April 24, 2017 / 10:15 PM

    I love finding new blogs to read through Instagram! Congradulations on becoming a citizen and your new car. Many great things to be proud of!

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