Mixing pink & red has always been my favorite, which is why I am currently obsessed with this look. Also, who isn’t obsessed with gingham this season? Especially if it’s pink! I got this off-shoulder top at H&M for $12.99! Make sure to get it before its gone because trust me, you are going to love it.

When I bought these heels I instantly knew I wanted to wear this top to make the perfect brunch or just casual look. I shot this look while walking down 5th Ave in downtown Naples, FL. To be honest, it was freaking hot that day! I was so mad because since we arrived the weather was beautiful and the day I decide to wear jeans it was 90 degrees! I just wanted to shot the outfit and run to the beach down the street! It was bad but I had to show you guys this cute outfit.

These mirrored sunnies are super trendy right now, you can get them at and you can use the code ASTRIDARMIJOS for 10% off all orders. Make sure to get them before they are gone, you definitely need them for the summer.

Pinks and reds have made a huge come back this season and honestly it makes me so happy. Bright colors make fashion so exciting and I think we should all embrace this trend and just mix and match colors and have fun with it.

Now, talking about fun or I must say my kind of fun, the bachelorette is premiering tomorrow and I am not sure how I feel about it but definitely excited to get caught on another tv drama haha. Any thoughts on this new season?

Do you like mixing pink & red? I would love to hear what are your favorite colors to mix.


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