Hello there! it has been quite a while since I shared something fun about myself. I love sharing fun facts with you guys and connect on a more personal level. Today I’m going to share a few things I love in general and I would love to hear the same about you!

I love……

  • food…. yes, I just love good food in general and if I’m craving something I’m going to eat it without regret because I believe in enjoying life to the fullest
  • cupcakes will forever have my heart
  • the little things in life, they make me the happiest
  • my dog Duke. He has brought so much joy into my life and I’m obsessed with him
  • shoes and bags are my weakness
  • to dance and I wish I did it more often
  • women who empowered one another
  • romantic stories/movies , I’m a hopeless romantic
  • to people watch, I think it’s so interesting
  • pens that write super smooth….it’s the little things in life people
  • diffusers and essential oils… I’m hooked and I just bought a new diffuser and I’m so excited!
  • to cuddle and If I could I would stay in bed all day
  • home decor, I could shop for furniture and decor all day long…especially at Homegoods
  • candles, I have closet space just for all the candles I have
  • to blog and to read other blogs, it inspires me so much and it brings happiness and fulfillment into my life.

I have linked my favorite one shoulder gingham tops in below widget!



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