Hi there! so after working in the corporate world for 2 years now! (seems like I graduated yesterday) I still have some regret of the things I didn’t get to do after graduating and I mainly think I decided to accept a job right away is because I’m a type A person and the thought of not getting a job or being successful scared me so much.

But here I’m two years later wishing I did a few things for myself before emerging into the crazy real world and there is nothing wrong with working right away, clearly I did it and in a way I’m happy I did but I wished someone would have giving me some advise before accepting a job. So here we go:

Take time to travel: this might sound cliche but I really wished I had the money and time to do this. Once you start working is hard to take time off to travel and save up for a nice vacation when you have bills to pay so I totally recommend doing this.

Take time for myself: this is an important one! I starting working maybe 3 weeks after I graduated and during those 3 weeks I had to move into my new apartment in New Jersey, fly back home to FL pack up some of my stuff and pack my boyfriends stuff an drive 22 hours to our new city. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t have any time to process the huge life change I was going through and just have time to relax and clear my mind from all the college stress. With that being said, I definitely wished I would have planned out things better and ask my job to start later instead of doing everything so rushed.

Spend more time with my family: As you may know, my family is from Florida so like I mentioned, after graduation I only spent one week with friends and family in Florida and it was definitely not enough because now I have only visit Florida 4 times in the last 2 years, not to mentioned I haven’t spend any holidays with them.

Save more money during/after college: As a young college girl I wasn’t thinking about saving money at all! Well, now I regret it because I guess I never thought about how much money getting an apartment would be and just having to pay real bills for once. So yes, if you can try to save as much as you can because once you start seeing the paycheck all you want to do is go out and spend it and I’m so guilty of doing that.

Research my new job position: In college you will learn many wonderful things but the real world is very different  so its very important to research the job positions you are applying to and maybe get some advise from someone in the industry. I went to fashion school so I was very familiar with all the jobs I was applying to but once I started working my job duties were a lot different from what I was expecting and I was in for a rude awakening.

Is there anything you wish you did after graduating?



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