Happy Saturday friends! Sorry I have been a little MIA here on the blog….. work life keeps getting in the way. If you didn’t know, last weekend on 7/16 I turned 25!!! I know I am still very young but it hit me that I have a lot of things to do before I turn 30. I know God is probably laughing at me as I write this, but I like to keep a list of goals to keep myself motivated and focus. I originally was going to write 25 goals but I decided to narrow it down to 10 things I can really focus on so I can make it happen.

I have no idea what the future holds for me in the next 5 years but I can tell you all about my hopes and dreams.

“be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”


1. Launch my own business

This has always been a dream of mine and I am currently working on something that you think you guys will love. It is going to take a while but it will happen, stay tuned!

 2. Save money

It recently hit me that this goal is very important. I have so many dreams that require a lot of money so no more shopping for this girl (insert sad face)

 3. Travel

I have made the decision that I will spend my money in traveling the world instead of shopping like maniac LOL. I have been lucky that I got to live in Italy and got to travel around Europe for 6 months but there’s so many other places I would like to visit so I hope I can make this happen.

 4. Move back to Florida

This might be a shocker…. but yes Josh and I have made the decision to move back to Florida in the near future, we don’t know when but our dream is to settle down there so we can be closer to our friends and family.

 5. Buy a house

With moving back to florida comes buying a house. We hope to buy a big house with a yard for Duke and pool  so we can enjoy the Florida sun. I already know what type of house I want and all the decor. Can you tell I plan everything ahead of time?

 6. Get married

I am in no rush to get married but it is a dream of mine to marry my best friend. So hopefully we can make it happen soon 😉 We want a small but fabulous wedding with lots of food, drinking and dancing.

 7. Be a mom

Not sure if this will happen before or after I am thirty but whenever it does I will be very happy. I have always wanted to have kids before I am 30 but I think now is cutting it too close haha. I have always wanted two kids, a boy and a girl.

 8. Stop overthinking 

I am type A person, and I overthink anything and everything. I want to learn to be more relaxed and easy going instead of freaking out if something doesn’t go as planned. Being with a person who is the total opposite of me can sometimes be challenging but Josh has taught me to stop stressing about the little things and enjoy life a little more.

9. Get in shape

I know you have probably heard me say this before and it hasn’t happen yet….but I will not stop trying to stay consistent in working out and eating healthier. I have hope it will stick to me one day. So if you are struggling with this in particular, you are not alone.

10. Be happy

In the end this is all it matters right? I have learned to let go of the people who bring negativity into my life and hold on to those who make me happy. I have also learned to be happy on my own. Of course I have my ups and downs like anyone but my goal is to just be happy to for just the next five years but forever and I think this is something that requires some work in order to maintain it.



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  1. Vanessa Moore
    July 28, 2017 / 1:45 PM

    I have a goal to pay off my student loan by the time I’m 30….So close! lol

    Vanessa | http://www.vanessarenae.com

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